Pastoral Care


The Pre-Prep is an integral part of the school, but inevitably there are slight differences in the care and discipline given to younger children. Our aim is to create a safe and comfortable environment in which children who are new to school can begin the exciting journey of learning and progressing easily and securely. This is particularly important for our Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage) children.


Regular close contact with parents is an important part of our care at this stage and there are some important informal channels of communication we use such as the Parents' Notice Board, and each pupil's Reading Record, as well as the more formal reports, emails and meetings with staff.


The Form Teacher is the main point of contact for parents and the Head of Pre-Prep is happy to be contacted about any matter relating to pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.


An emphasis is placed on encouraging pupils and using positive reinforcement. A similar House Point system to that in the Prep School is used and boys and girls can work towards becoming 'Pupil of the Week' in each form. It has been known for a whole form to win this accolade in a really good week!


To encourage and reward positive behaviour, a 'Moving Forward' policy operates in Pre-Prep where good decisions are rewarded and behaviour which may need to be 're-thought' is guided towards those good decisions.


Please see the Pre-Prep policies on 'Communication between home and school', 'Dropping off and Collection' and 'Moving Forward' in the policies section of the website for more information.
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