The School has published the following policies on the School website (www.spcslondon.com):


Safeguarding policy (see below)


Anti-bullying policy (see below)


Admissions policy (click on 'Admissions' at the top of the screen)


Details of the School Curriculum and our Curriculum Policy (click on 'Curriculum' on the left hand side of the screen)


Parental Complaints Procedure (see below)


The following policies are available from the school on request:

Discipline and Behaviour Policy

Sanctions and Rewards Policy

Policy on Educational Trips and Visits



The following information is available from the school on request:

Details of our members of staff and their qualifications 

The latest inspection report for the school

Academic Performance – details of Leavers’ destinations and Awards to Senior Schools.

Please ask the School Office if you would like paper copies of any of the information mentioned above.

The School currently has one any pupil with a statement of special educational needs and none for whom English is an additional language. 

The School's Aims and Principles can be found on the website (see left hand side of screen).


Please click on the relevant link below to view school policies.



Anti-bullying policy (March 2014)
Communication between school and home policy for Pre-Prep children
Moving Forward Policy (Pre-Prep - October 2013)
Parental Complaints Procedure (March 2014)
Policy for the dropping off and collection of Pre-Prep children (April 2015)
Safeguarding Policy (October 2015)