Aims and objectives

We believe in the education of the whole child and we want every pupil in our care to fulfil his or her potential through a broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to instil a love of learning and foster an enquiring mind from Reception all the way through to Year 8. We aim to make connections for pupils across subjects and give each child the confidence to become an independent learner. Whilst acknowledging the need for examination preparation at 11+ and 13+, we are not a "hot house" school and preparations are systematic and thorough.


We have a commitment to prepare children for their lives beyond St. Paul's Cathedral School as well as for entry to their chosen senior schools: a pupil's time at St. Paul's will form the base on which their future education will be built. Music, Drama, Ballet and French are taught by subject specialists from a child's entry in Reception and, as pupils progress through the school, specialist teaching increases year by year. We are mindful of pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and it is an integral part of all we do.



Curriculum Policy (2014)
Homework Policy (September 2014)